Saturday, October 30, 2010

its always good to hold onto your brother when your trying to hide

there goes brian missing the awesome again

see this is how I want to feel later today

o.k. we get it guys you both have faces

oh snap HIDDEN FEES featuring its only member that lived in colorado springs

I mean its ip what more can be said?

"dude check me out I am totally djing disco!"

a quarter of this bass is still more awesome than most whole bases

what earl can't matt strut down the street like mick without you cracking up

whatever is going on in this music shop it sure has some serious security

this guys paintings will make you smile check em out

queens dancers usually take the cake

i don't know if he knew these shoes are useful on a different kind of rock, but oh well rock-n-rool

deep breath deep breath its not always easy hanging out

dudes are like"thank you goodnight" and then some bad boy is like"get off my stage"

seeing Hussle Club is never a normal time

Friday, October 29, 2010

you could check your camera to see if the photo turned out or drink wine and live for today its up to you

if you see someone you like say hi its not that hard

i want a t-shirt that says i would rather be listening to t.v baby

whats wrong with zerbo? everyones looking at doug. whats wrong with zerbo?

no matter how hard you close your eyes your still in the basement of the mercury lounge

i guess its true in new york were never not working

man i hope the press never swallows me up like this, it was crazy

people always complain about photographers at shows but they love seeing pictures of shows they were at so I say to them deal with that jack

oh snap matt t.v. baby!

these two guys love nature and photo more than me, well at least nature

o.k. its that time of night to dance on the bar i guess

sometimes when you drink you just can't stop talking

if HIGH LIFE comes to your town you must go, its pretty much the best thing now

i love randoms looking at good jams

these two have hung out a bunch

i like people are relaxed enough to do their own thing when the go out

i bet this guy sometimes watches t.v. in the quiet with his dog

man, the fact b real still keeps it awesome gives me hope

i was never young and handsome and in a band it must be the best

if I was a mc I would wear a bow tie as well

Thursday, October 28, 2010

gone on a lot of walks with these dudes, hope to go an many more

its great when parents come to opening, these are mikes, thanks to all parents who support there art kids in anyway!

some times our friends sleep in weird places but it doesn't mean they don't sleep like babies in them

this guys named michael schmelling, he just released an amazing photo book called ATLANTA it rules

a mere "cool it" signal with your hand can't stop this guy

if this was 20 years ago these people would be hanging out in front of a hardcore show but its not so they are hanging in front of an art event

I am a big fan of love and holding on to it

if i had a dream car this would be my dream car

if you found these 5 heads in a duffle bag I bet they would be talking about weird music we never heard of