Saturday, December 4, 2010

you can try to block out the fun but I will always find something I hope

SHRED FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!! the ultimate guitar battle this thursday! Rumored judges MATT SWEENEY, ANDREW W.K., and VERNON REID!!!! no big deal, followed by SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE

Hello my printer is being a jerk so I can't scan negatives. I am trying to fix this so new photos will be up soon, here is a few printed things that I have seen lately

The JAM book/zine by JACK GREER & MAGGIE LEE makes me wanna make stuff, try to find this one

It was a big summer for ERIK FOSS here is his catalog for his solo european show. If you enjoy nude collage this is a must have

if you ever went to the original hugs back in the day you know it could be quite a roller coaster ride! Will Welch made this zine and pretty much got it right

this is the DRAW book curated by ERIK FOSS & CURSE MACKEY. I have a drawing in it (pictured) along with 400 or so major dudes check it out when you see it on shelves