Wednesday, November 10, 2010

heres a concert you should go to

so i guess its pretty much impossible to make a bad picture of nocito

a while ago pierced arrows came through town and laid heavy on peoples minds

sometimes zombies take over the workplace

o love to lean back and fell good, i guess gonzo does as well

sometimes its good to live outside the coat

don't worry l.a. people come to ny we will give you red eyes and make you feel at home

its weird the people in the front rows don't realize the are seeing one of the best bands ever, animal collective!

this guy once lived in new york then he moved to california. he married one of the best girls in new york the brought her to california. i love him. BARR

DEAD MEADOW is one of the few rock and roll bands I have toured with that acted like one, Once a nut called the cops on us after she begged us to go to her house and party, the didn't wanna kiss her so she freaked out, awesome!

you might as well not see high on fire with you shirt on because it most likely will get blown off

so this is me pretty much on the road alone. film beer books and snacks if this isn't your dream quit photo now

i have seen both these guys play in bands a lot and was only disappointed once, i like those odds

so the only time I almost got murdered being a photographer was at this bar on hastings street in vancouver but good times til the knife was pulled